Stewart-Amos Steel offers quality, economy and accuracy to enable structural steel building construction to proceed smoothly from start to finish – on time and within budget.

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Stewart-Amos Steel performs fabrication of structural steel for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings and other heavy steel structures. We have fabricated structures as large as 9,100 tons and $25 million for a single contract. We typically operate within a 250 mile radius of Harrisburg, PA and are certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction for the fabrication of complex steel structures.

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We use both union and open-shop erection subcontractors to erect steel components fabricated and shipped from our facility. All of our subcontractors must prove they can meet our rigid quality control and safety standards before they erect the steel for our projects. We also provide steel joists and metal deck purchased from SJI and SDI member manufacturers. This allows Stewart-Amos Steel to provide owners, construction managers and general contractors a complete structural steel package for their steel buildings.



Connection engineering and shop drawings are produced both in house and externally using 3D building model detailing (SDS-2 & Tekla). CNC data from our detailing programs is downloaded into our state-of-the-art fabrication equipment for fast and accurate fabrication to meet even the tightest construction schedules. We utilize BIM (Building Information Modeling) in which computer building models of the entire structure are shared with follow-up trades for coordination to assure that all of the building’s components mesh without clashes in the field.